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AAX Compatibility Update For Neyrinck Pro Tools Plug-ins

Neyrinck have provided an update outlining their plans for updating their product range to AAX. This is what they say….

At Neyrinck we have been busy working on AAX and planning for the future. We want to let you know about our near-term AAX plans so you can also plan your future. 

Neyrinck has already updated V-Mon for AAX and has introducedSoundCode LtRt Tools which is AAX only. 

Later this year Neyrinck will be updating SoundCode For Dolby Digital,SoundCode For Dolby E, and SoundCode Exchange MXF to AAX. 

SoundCode For DTS will not be updated because DVD-authoring is disappearing.  Existing users of SoundCode For DTS should plan on using Pro Tools 9 or 10.  For Blu-ray, DTS makes encoding tools that take full advantage of Blu-ray’s capabilities. 

SoundCode Stereo LtRt will not be updated for AAX but users can upgrade to SoundCode LtRt Tools which adds a Dolby Pro Logic IIx decoder. 

Mix 51 has been discontinued and will not be updated.  SoundCode DTS-HD StreamPlayer has been discontinued and will not be updated.

Thank you Paul for your openness. 

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