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Pro Tools Toolkit For Mac Out Now 

Our very own Mike has released his latest Groove 3 title for all those Mac users who want to get their Mac working like a powerhouse with Pro Tools. In the words of Groove 3…

Do you want Pro Tools to run as smoothly as possible on your Mac? Well, Pro Tools master Mike Thorton has produced another amazing set of tutorials, this time explaining how to properly troubleshoot and optimize your Mac based Pro Tools system. With over 10 years of experience providing support within the industry, Mike has covered it all, so if you’re having a problem with Pro Tools on your Mac, there’s probably a video here to help you fix it.

The series starts with important, general troubleshooting techniques, media drive selection and plug-in compatibility management. Session management and preference settings are covered as well, showing you how to optimize your session. Mike then gets into the heart of maximizing Pro Tools’ potential, and then shows how to successfully delete preferences, databases, and volumes.

Next, Mike demonstrates how to check for bad RAM and illegal character names, as well as explain typical Core Audio and MIDI problems, what to look for, and how to resolve them. When the time comes to uninstall and reinstall Pro Tools without losing valuable information, Mike shows you the best way to do it. Rounding off the series, missing files, disk allocation, latency, and many other common problems are discussed, empowering you to recognize and resolve them.

If troubleshooting has become troublesome, this collection of videos saves the day and shows you how to do it easily. The time for guessing is over… Watch Mike Thornton’s “Pro Tools Toolkit for Mac” today and make all well in the Mac Pro Tools universe. More here

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