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Pro Tools Expert Podcast Episode 56

Russ, Mike, and Neil are here with another Pro Tools Expert podcast. 

  • Competitions
  • SoundToys Free Micropitch Plugin 
  • Pro Tools Expert Pay Per view channel on Vimeo 
  • Dropbox and the alternatives 
  • Community Tips 1 - Julian Rogers - Advice on recording an accordion
  • How to get Boom to sync with Pro tools and play chained patterns
  • Follow up from Podcast 55 - to adding interface to an Omni
  • Comment on Avid’s move back to Pro users
  • Pro Tools won’t remember Apollo interface 
  • Pro Tools & iLok security in a college lab setting - RokLocker
  • Advice on mixing on headphones and how to translate to speakers
  • Questions about the Podcast, transcripts, old episodes and links to download the mp3
  • How do we do your videos?

Listen on iTunes 

If you would like to download the mp3 then right click here.

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