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Maggot Software Release v3.4 Of Conformalizer For Pro Tools

In fact Justin has combined two updates into one They include a gaggle of major and minor additions, fixes and improvements.


  • improved speed of navigation in QT views (standard view especially)
  • added resize support to the block view
  • added PT frame rate check before conforming - and alerts if it’s not correct
  • added “Locate Session” menu items
  • added new file format (.conform)
  • added event colour coding to the exported/imported conform file
  • added movie path to the exported .conform files so on import the relevant movies are loaded
  • added preference to disallow auto-loading of movies
  • changed - import of .conform files: now imports directly to the change panel
  • fixed conform type typo issue
  • fixed unnecessary ‘automation follows edit’ warning
  • added check for Universal Access
  • fixed QT shortcut issue in 10.7.4


  • added play cursors in block-view
  • added - ctrl-ARROW as shortcut for shuttling +/- 10 frames
  • fixed - difference-view now runs when either set of pix are in play
  • regression and rebuild to avoid QT issues
  • improvements to EDL comments robustness

About Conformalizer
Conformalizer is an audio post production tool which allows sound editors to automatically conform and rebalance Pro Tools sessions, FX lists and ADR databases to match a changed picture cut. It works by comparing picture EDLs, XML, cutlists or change notes and creating a new “change EDL” which reflects the difference between two versions of the picture. Conformalizer can then automatically conform your Pro Tools session or database file to match the new version of the cut. It also has the ability to play two versions of a cut together in order to visually compare shots or sequences. Conformalizer supports CMX3600 EDLs, film cutlists, FCP XML interchange format and AVID change notes and has the ability to import QuickTime movies to use as a reference.

If you are struggling with having to re-conform projects because the ‘picture lock’ wasn’t worth the paper it wasn’t written on they do take a look at Maggot’s Conformalizer. Justin who has also produced the Spanner surround panner plug-in works as an audio editor an mixer so know the real world problems we come up against.

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