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New Version Of PluginUpdate Being Released

The guys at PluginUpdate have been working hard picking up the issues that the the first beta threw up, as well as fixing things like the lack of a progress bar, that they already knew about.  

It is interesting, that the way they build the database of latest plug-in versions, includes scanning every PluginUpdate user’s plug-in folder. However they are tweaking it because that has thrown up a few problems, especially if a user has beta versions in their plug-in folder.

They are doing a great job and so stand by your beds for the latest version. Existing users will know about it because the app will tell you but also the PluginUpdate team will be emailing you too.

Once you have it, do tell us how it is working for you, we think this is an excellent tool.

If you haven’t tried it yet then hop over to their site and download it.

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