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Pro Tools Expert Podcast Episode 97

Pro Tools Expert PodcastRuss, Mike, Neil and James bring you a second holiday questions special edition of the podcast.


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  • Problems with iLok how showing on the system iLok FAQ page 
  • Problems with faults with mic preamps with a C24
  • Do I replace my Mac Pro with a Mac Mini as the new Mac Pro is too expensive?
  • I want to upgrade from Pro Tools Express to Pro Tools 10  and my Mbox to Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, what do you advise?
  • I cannot find the processed files, all I can find is a .ptf file, what is happening?
  • Getting “Could not allocate space for recordings” when drive has plenty of space. What is going wrong?
  • Unable to use Import Audio on 2 Windows 7 based Pro Tools Systems.
  • Upgraded to Mavericks and now Pro Tools 9 won’t work. What can I do?

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