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Flux Release Solera v3, Pure Limiter v3 & Ircam TRAX v3 In AAX 64 Bit


Flux:: sound and picture development today have released 3 more plug-ins in AAX 64 bit for Pro Tools 11. They are Solera v3, Pure Limiter v3, and Ircam TRAX v3. With this now the entire Mastering Pack bundle is AAX Native/DSP and 64-bit compatible and the entire Ircam Studio bundle is AAX Native and 64-bit compatible.

The update to the AAX Native and AU/VST 64-bit compatible v3 of these plug-ins is free of charge for all current owners of the corresponding software. If you already own any of the mentioned plug-ins you can simply download the v3 installer and install it. If you want to try any of the mentioned plug-ins you can apply for a Trial licence to test the full version instead.

With this release, in addition to the Mastering Pack Native 1.1 Flux are also offering two new Mastering Pack bundle versions, Mastering Pack AAX +DSP and Mastering Pack Plus. The Mastering Pack AAX +DSP contains all the Mastering Pack plug-ins in AAX Native and DSP versions, and the Mastering Pack Plus contains the AU/VST/AAX Native and DSP versions.

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