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UAD Software v7.3 For Mac Including API Channel Strip Temporarily Unavailable

Universal Audio have reached out to us to explain why the software including the API Channel Strip is currently unavailable.

UAD software v7.3 for Mac, featuring the API Vision Channel Strip plug-in, is currently unavailable. We have temporarily suspended its distribution based on a few isolated reports from Mac users experiencing crashes immediately after installation.

These cases appear to be extremely rare, but we have removed the Mac download out of an abundance of caution, until we determine the root cause of the crashes.

Importantly, if you have already successfully installed UAD v7.3 for Mac, we have no reason to believe you will experience these issues. The crashes appear to only occur immediately after installation/system restart. 

Note: the Windows version of UAD v7.3 is not affected, and is working as expected.

It is good to see that UAD are being open and careful and playing safe. We will let you know when its available again.


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