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The Best Product At NAMM 2013

The question I’ve been getting asked again and again as I’ve walked around NAMM, is what is the best thing you’ve seen. This time last year the show was buzzing with the Universal Audio Apollo amongst other things, there’s always some star of the show that everyone rushes to get a look at, to touch, as if some sacred relic that will transform them and leave them glowing in recording glory.

Granted there are some great new things, but nothing setting the show buzzing, no one has been running around the show saying ‘you have to see this!’ 

However, many of those attending have commented to me on something far more worthwhile than stuff and that’s an almost palpable sense of optimism around the show. In a world that still has many problems on a global scale, some that seem almost insurmountable and in a  business which has faced fiscal challenges of its own, then optimism is a welcome addition to NAMM 2013. You may think this is just flowery mumba-jumbo and adds no real value to our industry, but business analysts know that business confidence is essential to a healthy economy.

We will always have new stuff, relatively speaking that’s easy to cunjur up - but to give our industry some sense of new hope, that’s got to be a good thing in my book.

No one would have put optimism on their shopping list for NAMM 2013, but I’m sure that a new sense of hope would have been top of everyone’s wish list.

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