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Nugen Release Pro Tools AAX Native VisLM Loudness Meter

Following a success public beta programme the guys at Nugen Audio have released v1.6 of loudness meter. New features include…

Automation Logging - This will be excellent as it identifies where on the time line there were issues with the loudness, whether it was too quiet or too loud, enabling you to go back in and fix the appropriate part of the mix.

Resizable window - This enables you to resize the VisLM window, so you can use more or less of your screen space. This is great as you can make it much bigger for the times in your workflow when you are concentrating on loudness and when you need to looking at other things you can reduce the size of the VsLM window.

“The availability of a plug-in that’s compatible with both AAX and 64-bit OS X means that our customers can continue editing as they always have, even as systems and technologies evolve, VisLM 1.6 includes a new dialog gate option that enables automatic measurement of dialog sections within the source material. said Nugen Audio creative director Jon Schorah. “Editors will see enhancements to usability, including a simple “global reset” option and automatic start/stop/reset of the integrated program measurement following the transport bar. Maximum and minimum alerts settings are now available independently, and users can switch to the compact version from within the plug-in with a resizable interface”.

This is great news, it means that both of Nugen Audio’s products are now AAX Native, the next step please is AAX DSP especially with the ISL limiter, go to it Jon.

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