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Ex Avid Roll Of Honour - Talent Bleeds Out

It’s a sobering time looking at the product development talent that has been bleeding out of Avid in the last month or so. How any company, let alone a company wanting to be the leader in technological design, can sustain this kind of hemorrhage defies belief.

Just to put it in context, here are the ones known to us, if you know more then do let us know.

  • Max Gutnik was Senior Director of Product Management - one of the Pro Tools and audio hardware team. Now at Line 6
  • David Gould was Product Manager, Audio Post Production - one of the Pro Tools and audio hardware team, lead on Pro Tools 10. Now at Dolby Labs
  • Taiho Yamada was Product Manager at M Audio and responsible for Venom and other key developments. Destination unknown.
  • Hiro Shimozato was Product Manager, Instruments & Controllers - one of the people behind Eleven Rack. Now at inMusic
  • Samara Winterfeld was Principal Product Manager, Creative Enthusiasts. Now Principal Product Manager at inMusic with the AIR team.
  • The entire AIR team. Now at inMusic and about the take the music world by storm.
  • The entire Sibelius team. Destination unknown.

Losing just one or two of these talented people would have been difficult for Avid product development, but this is a serious state of affairs. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some Über talented people like Bobby Lombardi and Ray Tantzen still with Avid, so all is not lost - but this kind of talent bleed doesn’t look good from any angle.

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