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Sugar Bytes Launch VST to AAX Wrapper

TransVST is a plugin wrapper, which transforms VST plugins into AAX Plugins.

With TransVST, you can use VST Plugins in Pro Tools 10 and higher.

TransVST runs as a standalone program which offers a luxurious plugin management and integrates any VST plugin in Pro Tools, so that it can be used as a normal AAX plugin. TransVST is already 64bit compatible and so it´s ready for future Pro Tools versions. Furthermore, TransVST supports creative plugin functions like Midi Out, Sidechaining and Multi Outputs.

TransVST has just been released for Mac and PC and costs €69,- / $89,-. 

Features at a glance:

  • Multi Output for Effects and Instruments
  • Multi Input for Effects (Sidechaining)
  • Midi Output
  • AudioSuite support
  • FXB/FXP Preset Import
  • Stereo to Mono
  • VST Shell support
  • 64bit ready

More here

Manual here

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