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Avid Admit Pro Tools 11 Will Not Be Ready In Time For Apocalypse

The expected view from Avid HQ after the Apocalypse.

Avid have confirmed that Pro Tools 11 will not be ready in time for the predicted Mayan Apocalypse.

In a statement they say;

“We have been working hard to have Pro Tools 11 ready as soon as possible, however we will not be able to have a final release candidate ready for 11:11 on 21/12/12. We are sorry to all our users who wanted to make farewell songs and compositions for their loved ones in a 64 bit DAW”

A source close to Pro Tools Expert said off the record “the marketing team are extremely upset not to have it ready as they wanted to launch Pro Tools 11 at 11:11 today, it would have been a really clever campaign” they went on to say “we hope to have a special offer on Pro Tools HDX for those left after the apocalypse, survivors should contact us after the event”

What do you think, will you be upgrading to HDX after the apocalypse?

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