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Groove 3 Release iZotope Trash 2 Explained Video Tutorial

Russ has been a real busy boy recently, what with his excellent Mix 101 series from Groove 3, and now another iZotope product, this time its the new Trash 2. So let’s talk trash…

Russ reveals the true power of the awesome iZotope Trash 2 plug-in, showing you all of its features and functions, as well as some creative ways to apply it to your tracks..

He starts at the beginning with a detailed introduction and then important first steps, such as input and output configuration and proper signal staging into the plug-in for the best results. He then covers every module in detail, explaining every feature and function within, as well as preset management tips to increase your Trash 2 workflow.

Russ then finishes with a ton of videos dedicated to creatively using Trash 2 on the most common instruments and tracks in your session, such as synths, beats, guitars, bass guitars, vocals, the mix bus and more!

Trash 2 is the ultimate plug-in for distorting, mangling and transforming your audio. It’s a real sonic shapeshifter and Russ Hughes gives you the tour and tools to take your audio to new heights and depths. Get “Trash 2 Explained” today with 19 tutorials lasting over 2 hours that is for the beginner to intermediate iZotope Trash 2 user.

More here if you want to more more on how to dirty up your sounds, you know you want to…

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