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Stuff Your Drunken Pub Pics How About Our IP Instagram Fans?

True or not, the Instagram ‘who owns my intellectual property (IP)’ fiasco was not Instagram’s finest PR moment. As one commentator put it, until of course Instagram clarified their new terms of service ‘RIP Instagram’. Another commentator suggested the average person should consult a lawyer before jumping to conclusions - are you serious? Ironically the Instagram story only gained momentum because of social media, for those who do not know Facebook own Instagram.

However, what Instagate showed us is that a lot of people care about intellectual property, however my money is on the fact there will be a huge proportion of that group of ‘outraged’ users who happily listen to the music we created (our IP), or use the software from the companies we depend on, without paying for it.

So, may I suggest ‘outraged of Tunbridge Wells’ or ‘concerned of Seattle’, how about you show some of that outrage for creative industries that are dying because someone took our IP without asking? Newspaper, TV and Radio owners too, if you want to do some factual reporting then report on our plight… and our story is real.

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