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Lexicon Announce Price Reduction Of Their Plug-ins

The long awaited news is that they have refocussed their pricing policy and simplified the range. This is what they have announced on their Facebook page...

Lexicon has dramatically lowered prices on our plug-ins and made a few other moves to make the line less confusing. 

First prices - we will compare “street prices”:

  • PCM Total Bundle - Was $1999.95 - Now $999.95 - Save $1000!
  • PCM Native Reverb - Was $1499.95 - Now $599.95 - Save $900!
  • PCM Effects - Was $999.95 - Now $499.95 - Save $500!
  • LXP Reverb - Was $499.95 - Now $199.95 - Save $300!
  • MXP Reverb - Was $199.95 - Now $99.99 - Save $100
These five plug-ins are at new lower prices, NOT closeouts, they are NOT going away! Why so drastic changes - Frankly the plug-in market has changed and we heard you. Everyday we received email asking to get these at more affordable prices…we listened! We only waited to announce this change until we could make sure our retail partners were ready for this!

Given the dramatically lower prices some products have gone away. The unbundled PCM Reverbs and effects just no longer make sense with the lower bundle prices. The upgrade for PCM Reverb to Total Bundle has gone away as well.
So no AAX yet, which is what we had hoped for, but the good news that these are not end of line, is mixed with the possibility it may be some time before we see AAX from Lexicon. We shall see…..

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