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UK Focusrite And Novation Expert Hits The Road - FREE Stuff!

Talk directly to Focusrite’s product specialist Chris Calcutt, who will be offering his expert advice, in depth demonstrations and tuition on a range of products from Focusrite, Novation, KRK and Ableton. So whether it’s the latest Mininova synth that you want to get down with, learn how Launchpads can revolutionise they way you make music or see what Focusrite soundcard is right for you then come down for a chat and Chris will give you all the inside knowledge.

To make the day a touch more special they will be doing some one off daily deals in-store so you can walk away with the knowledge and gear that will change the way you make music. He will also be armed with armed with goodies such as FREE T-Shirts, mince pies etc.


DV East London (Romford): Monday 17th December 2012 (11am – 5pm)

DV North London (Barnet): Tuesday 18th December 2012 (11am – 5pm)

DV West London (Acton): Wednesday 19th December 2012 (11am –5pm)

DV South London (Clapham): Thursday 20th December 2012 (11am – 5pm)

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