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Avid Webinar On Capturing & Mixing ADR With Pro Tools

Get tips for capturing and mixing ADR. Join the team for an in-depth free webinar on how Pro Tools makes creating an indie film soundtrack easy, from beginning to end.

As part of a series on creating indie film soundtracks, host and sound supervisor Tom Graham of Avid on Dec 18th at either 1pm or 5pm EST with special guests re-recording/ADR mixer Scott Weber (Person of Interest, LOST), Foley mixer Geordy Sincavage (Person of Interest, Welcome to the Rileys), composer Sean Halley, and director Brian Barnhart (The Ballad of Angel Face, Hollywood Gothic) will take an in-depth look at how to create a professional soundtrack on an indie budget.

  • Tips for capturing and mixing production sound, dialog, music, Foley, and ADR
  • Time-saving benefits of using a Pro Tools end-to-end workflow
  • How to work with Foley and ADR to best match the picture
  • Scoring tips for composing in Pro Tools using real and virtual instruments
  • The fastest ways to deliver temp and final surround and stereo mixes
  • Plus, get your questions answered by the team 

Sign up then watch the movie - Agent MX-Z3RO in HD on YouTube before the webcast. You will also be able to download the session too once you have signed up.

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