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Trasher 10 - Pro Tools Database And Preference Utility For Windows Updated

Yes thats right, the most essential tool for any user maintenance of a Pro Tools System on the Windows platform has just been updated to build version 5 with some hot new features added, one being the ability to backup and restore track presets - That cheeky little hack that we showed you back in June.
Here’s what its creator has listed as its main features.


  • Backs up and Restores Pro Tools Preferences and DAE Prefs. 
  • Backs up and Restores Pro Tools I/O Settings.
  • Backs up and Restores Pro Tools Plug-Ins Settings.
  • Backs up and Restores Pro Tools Session Templates. 
  • Backs up and Restores Pro Tools Plugin Maps.
  • Backs up and Restores, as well as creates the Pro Tools Track Presets Folders.
  • Opens RTAS Used and Unused Plug-Ins folders.
  • Opens AAX   Used and Unused Plug-Ins folders.
  • Opens Pro Tools 10 Reference Guide, Shortcuts Guide, and Documentation Folder.
  • Opens Avid Log Files folder, Plus more….



Theres now so much to this tool that a second page has been added.

Download it here: TRASHER 10

Place inside your Documents folder (NOT public Documents folder) and run. A full Read Me will be available once launched. 

Then go and express your thanks to its developer on his DUC thread here.

And finally, Please donate something to help keep this vital tool in development; its a true timesaver and a must for all Pro Tools Users !

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