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The Thing I Cherish Most About This Community

From left to right - Neil, Wolfgang and Renato

Last weekend we had a stand at the Music Production Show 2012, it lasted all day Friday and all day Saturday, from 10:00am until 5:00pm and also included a live podcast.

Whilst it was great to meet up with old industry friends, make new ones, meet community members and dribble over gear, my lasting memory might surprise some of you. It was the team.

For starters, James Ivey spent two days getting the stand ready, setting up the gear and doing a lot of driving. Then Neil, Wolfgang (who flew from Austria) and Renato gave up two days of their lives, to stand and share their time with visitors. They never moaned once about tiredness, thirst or hunger, arrived an hour early and stayed around for hours afterwards to make sure the stand all got back safely. Renato gave up his Sunday to get the gear back. They did all of this for FREE

We also had most of the Avid UK team come along to help, Simon S, Simon C, Steve, Ben and Emma, and even David who doesn’t even work for them anymore. Often we have people take jibes at Avid for not caring, well these guys on the ground certainly do care!

The dedication, professionalism and friendship of the core team was palpable and they worked harder than many people I know who get paid to do this kind of thing.

Often I’m the face of Pro Tools Expert, but I want to honour those who serve this community every day of their lives (including Mike, Eric and Franco) and who I’m enormously proud of and grateful for. They deserve all of our respect - they certainly have mine!


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