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I.J. Research - 2 Slot Expandable 51X/500 Series Microrack

Catering to the ever popular 51X/500 series format of boutique audio hardware, Champions of all things DIY -  I.J. Research have come up with fantastic product in the budget friendly Expandable MicroRack multiple Microracks can be joined together by use of a “U Rack Expander Kit” so your rack can grow with your rig.

Heres the lowdown in their words:

Microrack is the solution for people who need all benefits of 51X format for a small number of modules,
With use of easy to assemble power supply (only +/-24V, 1/2A and +48V, 80 mA supply required, the +/- 16V regulators are inside the microrack).
If you want to take with you a pair of your favourite pre’s and/or pair of compressors - here is the solution!
Ideal thing for home and post production studios - space saving, nice look.
Two or more microracks can be connected together by use of U-rack-expander kit (available at our store).

  • Precision Israeli metal works - laser cut, 1.5mm steel, black Zinc coating;
  • Back panel - 2mm anodized aluminium, 6061 grade.
  • Excellent quality PCB, as always.
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  • DOCS


This is complete kit for microrack.

Included: enclosure, pcb, all parts and connectors, bolts/nuts/etc.
You have to build power supply by yourself (Not included in kit), depending on your taste and parts available etc.

Please note:
To fit 500 modules safe, you have to put small “tooth”  into 17-18 pins at backplane connector.
These “toothes” are included as well. Have a fun and enjoy!

Product in stock
Price: $135.00


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