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Old Digidesign and Avid HD Hardware Will Work With Pro Tools 11

Digidesign 192 blue face - should still place nice with Pro Tools 11A nice spot by our intrepid Neil from an interview that Bobby Lombardi from Avid did with Dave at Pensado’s place.

Dave asks Bobby “the 192s won’t work in 11 will they?” to which Bobby replies “my hunch is they will, they just won’t be supported” he goes on to say that Avid are simply “limiting the qualification list” and further underlines his point by saying “we are not doing anything in the code to turn stuff off”.

This does put to rest rumours regarding the need for new HDX hardware interfaces in order to run Pro Tools 11, which should give many users a huge sense of relief. There’s a strong case to buy HDX hardware with its increased performance, sound quality and track count and of course support - but it’s nice to have the choice rather than feel the need. It is also our understanding that the TDM cards will not work. Mike has recently run a Lynx hardware interface with a HDX card without any issues.

What does need to made clear is that Avid will not be qualifying or supporting a whole range of legacy hardware models with the launch of Pro Tools 11 - this means that if you buy a copy of Pro Tools 11 and try and use it with unqualified hardware, then you will have neither financial or support recourse to Avid. Caveat emptor.

The full interview is here

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