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NAMM 2012: Waves Respond To AAX Concerns 

Russ from AIR Users Blog speaks to Waves about concerns from Pro Tools users about Waves’ commitment to the AAX platform and the professional Pro Tools users.


Mike Thornton comments….

So March 2012 is going to be very busy for Waves as they plan to bring out 64 bit versions, out, as well as v9 of Waves, then a “no iLok authorisation” method also due out in March. As to AAX, Scott has announced they definitely plan to support AAX Native but “v9 is priority” and so no firm dates for release of AAX version of their plug-ins. As to the AAX DSP versions, it isn’t a no, BUT they have no firm plans as to when they might do it and it still could possibly be a no. So AAX Native “will be supported 100%” but it is still a maybe on AAX DSP and no time frame but I think we can assume AAX Native isn’t going to happen before March.

Well I am sorry Waves, I am not sure I can wait that long, I want good quality plug-ins that will work on my HDX card, so just as you can’t guarantee that you will have Waves AAX DSP plug-ins I can use, I cannot guarantee that I am going to be able to wait that long. In my opinion you have you priorities misplaced however I accept that I am possibly one of a small percentage of Waves users with Pro Tools HDX system.

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