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We offer advice for users of all versions of Pro Tools both current and legacy formats. We’re independent and are not affiliated with Avid or their associated companies.

Help Us To Help You

We all need help from time to time and this is why we exist, to offer another line of defence for Pro Tools studios owners in making sure they keep up and running.

There are several ways to get help;

  1. In the first instance you should go back to where you purchased you product from. If you don’t get any support, then don’t support that dealer again.
  2. Secondly you will get a certain amount of support from Avid as part of your product registration, check that.
  3. Visit the DUC, the Avid forum - on a good day you can get great answers, on a bad one then you may as well be asking for an audience with the Pope.
  4. Drop a question to us on Facebook and Twitter, please do not use our YouTube messages, we don’t really read them. We answer many questions on the page and some others we include in our podcast.

If you are asking a question, in any of the above then please include this minumum information.

  • What version of the product you own e.g. version number and type Pro Tools 9 HD or 8 LE.
  • You computer type, spec and operating system. Include your memory and processor info too.
  • Tell us what your issue is, what happens, when it happens, how often it happens, if there is other software bring used, this includes plug-ins and background processes.
  • Any other devices you have connected via USB, Firewire, ESATA and MIDI
  • If you are asking about any product please include version numbers.

Of the 4 possible options listed above only 1 and 2 are paid-for services, both the DUC and the Pro Tools Expert site are run as community services and so please bear that in mind when asking questions. It may take a few days for you to get the answer you need, so please do not treat us or the DUC as an emergency service.

Thanks for reading - we hope to be able to help you when you need us.